Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Last Hurrah

Friday was my last day at work, and my final farewell party. Since it's now Sunday morning and my hangover has all but abated, I'm up to sitting at the keyboard, and at the insistence of Steve (Brisbitch), I'm posting the final farewell email that I sent around the company. Here 'tis...

Hi All,

Fourteen years surrounded by some of the worlds best writers - Booker Prize winners! Nobel Prize winners! millions of words and sentences that frame emotions with elegance and sheer brilliance! - and none of it has given me sufficient language skills to convey a simple "thank you" in the way that I would like to.

My time at Macmillan has simply been the defining period of my life. It's impossible to tell you how much I've grown (my ongoing adolescent behaviour notwithstanding), and how much I've loved it. But that's the key to this company - the fundamental ethos that work and fun can - no, should! - go together. In the end, it's all about the people. The authors I've worked with, the books I've worked on, and the colleagues - THE COLLEAGUES! - I've worked/played/partied with. To have been one of you has been nothing short of miraclulous.

But sooner or later you have to leave home. And I'm pleased to report that in amongst the immense sadness that I'm feeling about leaving here,there are starting to appear (more frequently, thank heavens) little sparks of excitement about the idea of a new home, a new job, a new start.

To each and every one of you my eternal thanks, and my hopes that wherever you go it's safely and happily. And if by chance it's to London, look me up. Or I'll track you down. This is not goodbye. Just thanks, and see you soon.

Much love,


Friday night was a blast, I had a ball in amongst the tears and sadness. Lovely speeches, lots of drinks and laughs - from a wonderful group of people. So thank you everyone. I have to keep pinching myself that it's not goodbye, just talk-soon-from-a-little-further-away. Having said that, it'll still be odd not coming into the office every day.

Love youse all,


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The first post...

Welcome to Pk in the UK! My first attempt at blogging.

My colleague Steve (aka BrisBitch, since he's from Brisbane...) has taught me how to do it, and now I'm typing away furiously (before my Open for Inspection at 6.00pm) while he and Corey (aka Good 'Ol Country Boy, since he's from up bush at Mildura) are sitting in front of me sucking down a quick beer after work.

Cheers fellas...

Two days to go here at my current job, which will see the end of fourteen years of service here. Nervous, excited, sad, exhilarated - all at once. I'm any therapists dream.

Anyway, this is just a kick-start before I leave to make sure I'm doing it right. The posts will get better, that's a promise...